Who We Are

Our Church in Louisville was founded in 1925 by a group of immigrants.  It is called the Assumption in reverence to the Virgin Mary.  The original church was located in one of two shotgun houses on Fifth Street in Old Louisville.  In 1967 the parishioners completed building an Orthodox Church at the same location. Replacing the original church.  In 2004, the parish moved to its present location on Ormsby lane and began building a new church and other facilities.

We welcome you to visit the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church.  We are confident that your visit will be a spiritually fulfilling experience.  The Orthodox Church is a full and rich tradition focused on faith in God, as revealed through scripture and tradition.  We look forward to visiting with you!

If you are not Orthodox and are interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith please see our page on study opportunities to begin a series of catechism classes that will educate you as to all facets of the faith.

If you would like to make the Assumption your new home, and are Orthodox, we invite you to become a full Steward through offering your Time, Talents, and Treasure to the Church.  In this way, new members as well as life-long members, may contribute toward the building up of the kingdom of God on earth — the Church.  Please see our minitires page for more information on Stewardship.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we pray that it will help you to bear fruit for the Glory of God’s Kingdom!