Parish Clergy



His All Holiness Bartholemew

Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch


Fimi of His All Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemew

Βαρθολομαίου τοῦ Παναγιωτάτου καὶ Οἱκουμενικοῦ Πατριάρχου, πολλὰ τὰ ἓτη.

Bartholemew, His All-Holiness and Ecumenical Patriarch, many years.



His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

Primate of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America


Fimi of His Eminence, Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

Ἐλπιδοφόρου, τοῦ Σεβαμιωτάτου καὶ Θεοπροβλήτου Ἀρχιεπισκόπου τῆς Ἁγιωτάτης Ἀχιεπισκοπῆς Ἀμερικῆς, 'Υπερ τίμου καὶ Ἑξάρχου Ὡκεανῶν, Ἀτλαντιλοῦ τε καὶ Εἱρηνικοὺ, ἠμῶν δέ Πατρός καὶ Ποιμενάρχου, πολλὰ τὰ ἓτη.

Elpidophoros, the Most Reverend Archbishop of the Holy Archdiocese of America, Primate and Exarch of the lands of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, our Spiritual Father and Shepherd, many years.





His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit

Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

Presiding Hierarch of the Metropolis of Detroit and Shepherd of the

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church of Louisville, Kentucky


Fimi of His Eminence, Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit

Νικοάου τοῦ Σεβαμιωτάτου καὶ Θεοπροβλήτου Μητροπολίου τῆς Ἁγιωτάτης Μητροπόλεως Ντιτρόϊτ, ἠμῶν δέ Πατρός καὶ Ποιμενάρχου, πολλὰ τὰ ἓτη.

NIcholas, the Most Reverend and God-Chosen Metropolitan of the Most Holy Metropolis of Detroit, our Spiritual Father and Shephard, many years.



Rev. Father Jon S. Boukis, Proistamenos

Presiding Priest of the

Assumption Greek Orthodox Church

of Louisville, Kentucky

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